What medications contain amphetamine

What medications contain amphetamine

Sometimes pharmaceuticals developed for noble purposes become the object of attention of fans of “acute” sensations. This also happened with the phenylalkylamine derivative, used in a number of countries for the treatment of narcolepsy (a state of drowsiness that worries during the day), apathy, depression, asthenia. Amphetamine-based drugs are still being used for strict indications as a psychostimulant and anorexigenic agent, as well as for the treatment of unstable attention.

National and international legislation has restricted the circulation of the substance, as it has become uncontrollably used by drug addicts. Unfortunately, this does not prevent interested people from obtaining it in all possible ways, including legal pills and capsules.

What medications contain amphetamine

A bit of history

The psychoactive compound methylphenylethylamine, synthesized at the end of the XIX century, was actively prescribed for rhinitis, bronchial asthma, parkinsonism, and depressive states. In the 20th century, the drug was used during the period of hostilities by soldiers of Great Britain and the United States in order to suppress fatigue and fear, and enhance endurance. Up until the end of the 60s, such medicines were freely available in pharmacies.

In the 70s, the United States began to control the circulation of the drug amphetamine, as its ability to cause obvious psychological dependence was proven.

But there are also isomers of the main compound, whose structure (the arrangement of atoms in space) differs from the first one. This:

The levorotatory form is levamphetamine.

By the way, the last of them is included in List III, its turnover is subject to special control. The main legal manufacturers of drugs containing amphetamine are the USA, Hungary, and France.
The mechanism of action of the drug

After taking the substance, the process of releasing catecholamines (in particular, the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, serotonin, and the hormone dopamine) accelerates both in the central department and on the periphery. As a result of central stimulation under the influence of amphetamine:

Performance indicators are increasing – The mood is improving;
the ability to concentrate attention increases;
motor and speech activity are enhanced;
drowsiness and appetite go away;
overall, performance indicators are increasing;
inner confidence and a comfortable state appear.

Peripheral effects due to stimulation of the sympathetic system by this drug (LS) include:

pressure rise;
some dilation of the pupils.

Less often, there may be a feeling of chills or, conversely, hyperthermia.
The list of drugs containing this drug

A number of medications containing phenylalkylamine derivatives are used for medicinal purposes. So, which medications contain amphetamine? This:

“Vivance” (its other trade names are also found — “Tivense”, for example, or “Alvance”) based on the active ingredient — L-lysine-dexamphetamine. In the United States and Canada, its use is practiced for narcolepsy, to reduce appetite, and hyperactivity. It has a duration of pharmacological action of up to 12 hours, since it contains a prodrug, which only after ingestion begins to turn into a medicine. The consequences of exceeding doses can be paranoid delusions, addiction.
“Adderall” (in the form of dextroamphetamine sulfate). Tablets or capsules are prescribed in order to enhance cognitive functions, as a dope, an aphrodisiac. The dosage form contains 4 types of salts at once in the form of saccharate, monohydrate, sulfates of the base substance and dextroamphetamine.
Dexedrine is the oldest representative of psychostimulants, common in Europe and the United States. There they are treated for obesity, the syndrome of children’s motor hyperactivity with attention deficit.

The list of drugs containing this drug is Salerno. They are prescribed, as a rule, 2.5–5 mg from one to three times a day (everything will depend on the patient’s condition) in tablets or capsules with prolonged action. A reasonable question is which drugs will show the content of amphetamine in the tests? The answer is just all of the above drugs, produced on the basis of its compounds and isomers.

By the way, in the shadow market, the substance is also available in the form of a fine powder, for non-medical purposes it is consumed not only by mouth, but also intranasally, even intravenously.

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