How can I place an order?

GetMetabolite accepts orders placed on our website by e-mail specified on the official website. To place an order on the website, you must specify the address and name of the recipient of the package, other contact information, if required, it is also desirable to specify the preferred method of shipment, if required.

How can I find out what products you have in stock?

Information about the availability of products is provided on the product pages. We make every effort to ensure a continuous supply of our products. But if you see that some product is not available, then you can always clarify when it will appear and whether individual synthesis of the substance is possible from our support and we will definitely send you a detailed answer.

All products undergo quality control (QC) testing, so sometimes there may be delays in deliveries, but as a rule it takes no more than a week. Sometimes circumstances may force us to discontinue or temporarily discontinue production.

How long should I wait after placing an order? 

We will send a confirmation with further payment information during the day.

How clean/high-quality are your products?

All products undergo quality control (QC) tests and comply with the declared purity specified in the technical specifications.

You can request a spectral analysis of any of the listed substances available for sale.

We never make mistakes in dosage or packaging.

Where do you ship your products from? 

We ship our products from warehouses in Hong Kong and from warehouses in Southeast Asia and Europe. We choose the most convenient of them, the safest and shortest way.

You can always check if a particular product is in stock in the EU.

What courier companies/postal services do you use? 

There are several possible delivery methods: EMS, UPS, TNT, DHL, Regular Mail, Business Letter, DPD (from EU), GLS (from EU).

All orders will be shipment stealth(decoy).

If you need delivery by a specific company, you can discuss the details with our support team.

Do you provide a track code?

We provide the track code of courier companies and postal services, the exception is only for business letters of some postal services that do not have a track code.

If you specify a phone number in your order, some services themselves will send your track code to the specified phone number after shipment.

The legality of the products?

We do not ship any illegal goods, controlled substances. In our country, this substance is not illegal.

The buyer is responsible for the legality of the use of the substance in your country, and we do not check whether the chemical is legal or illegal in your country or state.

The product must be legal in the recipient’s country!

Is the product insured? Delivery guarantees? Loss or withdrawal of a parcel? Resending?

Each package is insured for $100.

We guarantee successful delivery to most countries of the world, including many European countries, Canada, New Zealand and a number of other countries (you can find out more by contacting our support service).

We offer re-delivery of all goods worldwide in case of withdrawal or loss of the parcel, but only once.

We do not resend if tracking shows that the parcel was sent to the wrong address, as well as if the customer did not pick up the parcel.

Delivery time?

The delivery time depends on the delivery company or postal service to which your parcels are sent.

Delivery by express delivery service and overnight delivery is possible.

It takes 24 hours to prepare the goods for shipment, and sometimes even faster on working days.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept preferably crypto payments for payment: bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, monero, ripple and other other types of payment are negotiated separately.

Card payment is possible for some countries, details will be provided by our support.

When placing an order, if the desired payment method is not specified, an individual bitcoin address for your order number will be provided by default.

The exchange rate between the price indicated in Dollars and Euros and the rates of other currencies on our website is determined at the time of the order.

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