Our company supplies its products to many countries, but we cannot guarantee 100% availability to Singapore, Ukraine, Russia, Indonesia, Australia.
We do not give recommendations on the behavior of the product and instructions for its use. Our products are intended exclusively for scientific and research purposes in laboratory conditions.
Our customers need to know the products they order and need to know how to conduct chemical research.
We do not ship any illegal goods, controlled substances. In our country, this substance is not illegal.
The buyer is responsible for the legality of the use of the substance in your country, and we do not check whether the chemical is legal or illegal in your country or state.
The product must be legal in the recipient’s country!

About Us

All sales are final, we do not accept returns of our products! Exception, replacement of the goods is possible only if the goods, packaging has been damaged, then we will ship it again at our expense.
We offer re-delivery of all goods worldwide in case of withdrawal or loss of the parcel, but only once.
We do not resend if tracking shows that the parcel was sent to the wrong address, as well as if the customer did not pick up the parcel.
We do not resend if the customer has specified the wrong address. The address can only be changed if the order has not been shipped (it is still in our warehouse). Once the order is transferred to the courier, we cannot change any information or return it. We do not resend if the package is sent back to us.

All products are tested for quality control (QC), we never buy oibok in dosages or packages, contents.
But if upon receipt of your parcel it seems to you that you have not received your product, you can contact our support service.
Our products are shipped in Hong Kong and from warehouses in Southeast Asia and Europe. We try to choose the safest and shortest way.
You can always check if a particular product is in stock in the EU!

Each package is insured for $100. We guarantee successful delivery to most countries of the world, including many European countries, Canada, New Zealand and a number of other countries.

The delivery time depends on the delivery company or postal service to which your parcels are sent.
Delivery by express delivery service and overnight delivery is possible.
It takes 24 hours to prepare the goods for shipment, and sometimes even faster on working days.
We use courier companies/postal services:
EMS, UPS, TNT, DHL, FedEx, Regular Mail, Business Letter, DPD (from EU), GLS (from EU).

We are doing our best to send the parcel as soon as possible. However, we cannot take responsibility for delays caused by courier companies/postal services. Unfortunately, some circumstances are beyond our control, however, you can always contact our customer support service, and we will always try to speed up the delivery as much as possible.


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